Pretty gnarly tho

Usual story this month; bunch of the bros got together and hit up Eastern Creek for the monthly Twilight Drift event run by Driving Sports. As usual a heap of fun was had and almost everyone ruined their cars in some way or another, although as with Winton not a single Hit and Run car had to retire early due to mechanical failure.

A typical post-drift hangover left us sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves trying not to think about having to wait four long weeks before doing it all again. Luckily we found these pics from the night, which helps.

Once again Jwaz was a standout; smashing gears, bumpers, tyres, barriers and quarter panels in an effort to extract every last centimeter from the width of the track. It’s hard to believe this was only his second getting down with turbo power.

Ty’s newly purchased, modded and tuned Type X was in desperate need of a shakedown. Which he gave it. On full noise.

Billy was killing it too. Although he’ll complain till the cows comes home about how laggy the RB25 + GT3082R setup is, the bottom line is it’s terrifying.

Wernz is now rocking a roll cage so we can officially call his 180 a race car. Holding 3rds down Corporate Hill with just 124kW ain’t even a thing – amazing skill.

Woods’ apocalyptic nightmare is looking a little beaten after last month’s interaction with a tyre stack at Winton, suits it.

Biggie’s 180 recently came back from being tubbed, forged, cammed and a whole lot of other jazz. With just 500 clicks on the clock the motor is still running in, but a bit of wet pan never hurt anybody.

Of course it’s hard to miss Pete’s NUR powered monster as seen in the recent Powercruise clip

Speaking of vids here’s a quick one of Woods chasing Wernz

As you can hear the RB20 is needing way to much clutch rape to keep things going. The answer is probably E85, new suspension or NOS. Will probably go with NOS.

til next time


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About hitandrundc

Group of drifters based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.
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3 Responses to Pretty gnarly tho

  1. God of NOS says:


    You shall be gifted by the gods for your use of the sacred nectar spray!

  2. Ben says:

    and B.WAZ was too busy being THE BEST GUY to get mentioned in this post or get any pics

  3. Jack says:

    no one took photos of the best guys

    its tough being a best guy

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