Matsuri Invasion Reports

Godfather Woods’ Report:

Holy Shit.

What a f**king weekend, I couldnt be happier right now with how the whole thing went.
Usually after drift days I come home feeling pretty satisfied but exhausted, and just generally over the car….
So different this time though, so keen for more, keen to get my suspension right, and now so happy with the motor!!
Met so many cool people and watched some insane driving!!!

Day 1 – The Drive

Met up with the rest of the crew, ready to head on Friday morning. J.waz, B.waz, beau and wernz were already on route!
Was a hot day so I was a little worried about the rodeo overheating, but was so excited i didnt give a f**k…
Stopped by biggies house for some more wheels for back up.

Got to servo grabbed a 4 pack of MOTHER, bottle of water and fuel and was good to go!!
Had IRON MAIDEN cranking most of the way!!

We headed straight to the track to drop the cars off to save hassle the next day.
When we finally got to the leasuire park we settled in and headed into benalla for some FRIED FUKN CHICKEN!
Saw Tall Paul/Kenblock/(SIL-014) and chilled out
i bought 10 piece feed of chicken for no reason what so ever. Ate like 3 pieces

Then we got heaps drunk, went through like 56 drinks between 7.
Day 2 – Drift day one

The Track is incredible, so amazing, loved every section of it.
When I go to a drift day I expect my car to break in the first 10 minutes.
cause it usually does.

But no problems what so ever, love that track, best of everything!!!

Then that night we got really drunk and it was great……

Day 3 – Drift Day 2
The morning was soaking wet and Group C was the first session out, we were up.
Was a bit worried about my half dead federals on the rear in the wet, but couldnt be f**ked to change.
Me, Ben and J.waz got out there as the rest of the bros were asleep still…..

Holy f**k did i have liquid Power
5th gear on the main straight with no grip was ridiculous i felt like a king!!!

best feeling changing to 4th on the straight and still going when my car struggles to hold 3rd!

Middle of the day car started to overheat and loose power, melted through my line from the gate to the boost controller solenoid, beau fixed that up for me quickly!!
car wasnt feeling as fast after that, think i wigged the solenoid out and boost controller stopped working, here is a vid while it was down on power.

End of the day last session open track, bens car was out so me n ben put some second handys on my car and got out there.

went “f**k it” through it in at the start of the sweeper first time and linked the whole thing to the back section stocked!!!
second lap back straight, tried to manji in really fast and it kinda f**ked up, i laughed as me n ben smashed into the tyre stack hahaha
back into second and off again only to find my tie rod was bent as all f**k. so that was it for me!

By that night we were so exhausted we drank it off..

was fun

Day 4 – Long ass drive home…..
This was the most depressing part of the weekend..
Usually im ready to go home.

But i felt i should be back out there. didnt want to go, still wanted to drift, had tyres, had fuel. was incredible!!!




Grand Lizard King Beau’s Report:

So its Thursday and we at Hit n Run are back to reality. We all just finished up at Winton raceway where VicDrift held Drift Matsuri which was two days of flat out drifting including some night time drifting that was darker then the ovaries of Oprah Winfrey! So kick back with your bottle of Sherry and a cuban and read on for the run down.

Day 1 – Friday!

Waz family was on the road at the crack of dawn with the Captain leading the Waz convoy. Where the rest of us left a tad later. Woods, Scotty, Brett, Birri and Aggie rolled on where they met up with myself and Wernz who were just straight up thuggin down the high way in a brand new Statesmen, followed shortly by Jack, Biggie, Jono and Locky.

After making a mess and a heap of noise at one of the many McDonald road houses on our way to Winton we were off and in full convoy. We passed the time by snipering each other down the highway with water pistols and other objects.

Arriving at Winton race track in the evening, we were welcomed by the Waz family who had acquired us a great pit area. This meant, Brett, Jack, Ben Waz, J’Waz, Woods and Billy all had great spots for their cars, and making it easy for any peeps to check out the cars. It also made it easy for those who were not driving to have somewhere to get the spanner throwing on when the cars came in.

First impressions I had of Winton Racetrack, was to base it next to Wakefield Racetrack but after spending sometime on it over the weekend I found that the track has a heap more flow and just generally fun and fast lines that all the boys seemed to excel at. However the ripple strips looked like something out of the Tibet Mountains, however Id take the ripple strips of roll-over-ville over Wakefield mine field.

After all the cars were removed from the trailers and all preps were done for the following day, we answered the rumble of our guts and bust it out to Wood’s favourite food… KFC! After a quick stop at our accommodation we kicked it in while Wernz cut apex’s whilst getting his ‘Lean” on. Once there and after ordering basically all their chicken, we took some time to chat to Ken Block… i mean Tall Paul and the rest of the SA guys that had made the trip out, however they vanished very quickly… Hit N Run might have been a little loud for them.. After dinner we grabbed some beverages for a modest evening. 3 cases later we were raging pretty hard and having old mate of the Caravan park threatening us with being evoked we hit the sacks and waited for the following day.

Day 2 – Saturday.

Wood’s the Godfather was out the door at first light, with the rest of us following after a few aspirins and some Mickey D’s breakfast. Arriving at the track Saturday morning was a very different vibe compared to the following day. There was drift cars EVERYWHERE! with over 100 cars entered in the weekend it was sure to be a epic weekend.

The temps were already climbing and so was the anticipation to hit the track. With most of the Hit n Run guys in new cars or with some drastic change done to their cars, the first session went really well considering the odds. J’Waz was out in his new car which is his first turbo car (Sil80), Brett was out in the S14 known as REAPER, and for the rest of them it was the first time on this track.

With the boys having basically a very uneventful day in regards to mechanical problems the day seemed to fly by and much fuel and rubber was consumed. However it was not all smooth sailing with J’Waz’s engine bay catching on fire, this was due to manifold heat melting some cooler hoses, but the car was back out on the track in no time. No track day would be a track day with Hit n Run without lots of fibreglass destruction and the boys did not disappoint in this regard.

The drifting continued right on into the night with heaps of tandems, special mention goes to the Waz bros for their tandems, was great watching the two brothers sliding together. The boys mentioned that in some areas of the track it was darker then the dark side of the moon, with headlights doing sweet F all. This aspect didnt stop Billy and Reaper from committing to every corner like they could actually see the apex let alone their dashboards.

After the sessions were over we headed back into town with the plan on getting our Krunk on. At this stage I was fair high on pain killers after shattering a wisdom tooth eating at the local Subway.. lol heaps fresh. We basically consumed more then anyone needs to which didn’t spare us from old mate lashing out at anyone that wasn’t watching the Golden Girls or knitting a sweater for their Grandchildren. Old Mates special move on the night was to sneak into peoples circles and then start yelling before anyone knew what was happening.. ahh Good times. We spent most of the night being “Animals” and just running a muck with the Melb and SA guys. Bin lids were thrown etc etc you get the point.

Day 3 – Sunday.

God dam it was hard to wake up the next morning, maybe cause Jack and i had just slept in a Statesmen or maybe it was the copious amounts of booze we all consumed, but Ill leave that one up to the reader. We also treated ourselves to another fine Mickey D’s brekky, which turned into a fun venture with most of the drift crowd in there it was never going to end well…

After pumping it out to the track, Wernz, Locky, Biggie and myself became passengers for the day. It had rained most of the night and into the morning so it was going to be a riot out on the track, Woods found out what its like to drift in 5th gear and a few cars had a few spills, once the track dried up however everyone seemed to become fast and faster, it was like the earlier wet track had given everyone more confidence to go harder or maybe it’s cause it was the last day. I’m not sure but DAM did it make for some great driving. Big stand outs would have to be, The Red KE70 with a LS1 in it, the crowd favourite Nigel Petrie is always good to see on his home track, Tall Paul and Simon Michelmore, Kyle in the Sr20det Sprinter, The Billy and Reaper Tandems were getting more and more crazy with many dirt drops and 50-50 grinds.

The day for us went on without a hitch, i rode shot gun with Jack (Go-180) at one stage throughout the day and i have to say for a guy that has only been drifting for a short time the guy can drive and he really does look like Matt Powers. Id keep an eye on him as well as the Waz bros.

But who could forget the man! Woods! Basically made this whole weekend come together for everyone and it was very humbling to see him out there driving real well. However he did send the Matsuari off in style in his last session by hitting the tyre stacks at about 120kmph and came out ‘scott free’, however his crazy munjis and fast entries were the talk of the pits for a while.

Sunday night consisted of more drinking and getting even more ‘Krunked. By the end of the evening we had challenged Old mate who met our bluff with sending the 5-0 around for a friendly chat. After 3 visits from the Fuzz we were still going strong into the night/morning, after Woods purchased a 5ltr bottle of the meanest, dirtiest Cream Sherry i have ever tasted the night turned into a bit of a blur after that.

Day 4 – Monday.

The day we were all dreading. Home time. After a fairly extensive clean up of our cabin we hit the road like a Bat out of Hell.

Dont worry Winton Raceway, VicDrift and of course Old Mate and Lesure Park… We will be back next year BIGGER AND and LOOSER!

Keep on Leaning!
Beau Jones

More of Scotty’s excellent photos:

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  1. top write up kids. had so much fucking fun cant wait to hit it up again on the asap

    TP/Ken Block/SA Reppin’ Hit And Run Style’s


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