Esmerelda Strip-down

I finally own something more interesting than a white commodore wagon. After a 6 year love affair with Sileightys since seeing Initial D, I bought a 180 rolling shell on Sunday. Drove down from Sydney to Canberra for inspection and to pick it up. Greg, the past owner was a very good dude, and threw me loads of spares like interior bits, S13 Uras style front bar, s13 triple projector headlights, headlight supports, 1 silvia front guard, BC Gold coil-overs, and an SR20DE + Auto gearbox. While the auto box and NA motor will be pulled out, to make way for an SR20DET and manual box, the current motor will be kept for spares during the transplant, then sold off.

Body looks rough, but is actually delicious. Filler was professionally done to fill any carpark dings, and to ensure an arousing paintjob when finished.
The plan is a black (self respray) Rocket Bunny Sileighty (though tempted by BN), minus epic overfenders, might go some off-branded widebody. Gonna build a subtle ‘time attack’ style carbon front diffuser as well, but without turnbuckle supports
Set of 16″ ProComp Rockcrawlers in Black for drifting, and Charcoal Grey Regamasters for street driving. Charcoal Grey half-cage.

The plan is to be as much of a track car as possible while staying road rego’d. I want to use it for drifting, and try some hillclimb/short-track sprint stuff too.

Woods gave me a GKTech 90mm dish steering wheel too, cos he’s a very good guy, and not actually family murderer.

Last night we started stripping down the car. I want to minimise wiring as much as possible, but also run some custom stuff, mainly for the challenge, like smart battery isolators, ignition switches, simplified stereo system etc.
We pulled out the Air-con, but on hearing that you need a heater for rego, and wanting to be able to demist my windscreen, I will leave it where it is, and try to wire up a simplified switching system.

I’m frothing.

About hitandrundc

Group of drifters based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.
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