Motorex 2010

Our buddy Biggie from Fast Fours invited us out to display in the Real Street display at Motorex, on Sunday. Unwashed S13’s + KE70 went well opposite 2SUS VL’s, haha! Had a good time riding BMXs, eating Maccas, and hammering tyler’s car in front of the hideous Queen St cars, but the best part of the day was Wes’ tent while Bro-mobiles got rained down on. Can’t wait for Autosalon!

Bro! Doofing past cops on foot, not a good idea.

Our Mate Rob’s Supermade Instant Gentleman S13.

HIT & RUN cars shot by others.
Shaun’s old R32 4door

Spicy’s Sileighty

Benny’s S13

Waz’s S13

Jack’s KE70

Tyler’s S13

Alex’s S13

About hitandrundc

Group of drifters based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.
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5 Responses to Motorex 2010

  1. Vagcat says:

    Missing a White 31 there bro 😛

  2. Henry says:

    Spicy’s Sil80 is insane. Love mis match pigs.

  3. says:


    you should end the world already im getting bored

  4. Henry says:

    Nah man im fromt Melbourne

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