The Future: Lewis + KE70

Now that my daily driver is basically paid off, when funds allow, I’ll be getting myself a granny spec KE70, and embarking on my first project car. Mad keen! On a boring and lengthy bus trip home from Uni one day, I came up with plans for my dream KE70 build. Thus far they are:

Olive Green paintjob
Black or Alloy boot lip spoiler (possibly adjustable)
Chin spoiler (colour coded olive green)
JDM Chrome bumpers
Quad headlight conversion (maybe)
Fender mirrors
TOM’S Igetta 13″ Black with chronic offset (Link)
4AGE blacktop N/A quad throttle w/ trumpets (and maybe turbo later)
Lock spacers
Stripped interior
Thin plywood door cards (no covering)
Plywood parcel shelf
90mm dish suede wheel
2 Race buckets only + Harnesses
1/2 Roll cage
Metal dash insert w/ gauges and killswitch
Suede flocked dash
Concealed stereo
Battery relocation (to boot)
Wire-tucked engine bay
BMX-grip dildo shifter
Drift Button for N/A wet skids!
Tow Straps

Stuff dreams are made of!


About hitandrundc

Group of drifters based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.
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1 Response to The Future: Lewis + KE70

  1. wernz says:

    Olive green, awesome idea!!!

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